Beach Volleyball Rules

It’s significant that you comprehend the rules of beach volleyball before you simply go out on the sand and begin attempting to play. Try not to accept that since you played indoor volleyball in secondary school or school that you realize the how to play sand volleyball. The game is very different and is an alternate game completely.

The one similitude among indoor and open air is that passing. On the off chance that you can pass well you will be an extraordinary player on the beach and on the hard court. The distinction that you should get use to is passing a ball that is lighter, less swelled and marginally bigger than the regular indoor ball. You will find that it is simpler to pass a ball that is bigger and less siphoned up. So your passing won’t endure when you make the change from indoor to beach volleyball.

How about we take a regular play and analyze it. So you are playing your clench hand round of beach volleyball, the other group serves the ball and it’s high so you take the present with your hands, at that point your accomplice sets you the ball and you have a blocker up so you tip it over him and get the point. Great job right? NO! You made 2 indispensable mistakes that would cost you the point. In sand volleyball you can’t set the serve and you can’t open hand tip the ball. These are 2 of the frequently committed errors made in beach volleyball. Try not to defy these guidelines since they will make you resemble a novice.

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